5 Current Trends In Web Design

Compare web designs of two years ago with current web designs and you will definitely see a marked difference. Web designs of two years ago were pretty much structured and formal. The headers were simple and quite generic looking.  The shift in web designing is not obvious but rather understated but in the long run, the subtle changes will eventually become more pronounced as web designing evolves.

Trends in web design start out as small albeit important shifts in particular areas in the design process. These trends are good as it keep designers on their toes to give their clients and future clients better service and options.  Here are some trends that are slowly and surely being used in web designing now.

1. Hand-drawn design or sketches are up close and personal. The idea of manual drawings and sketches is not new for in reality, company logos and advertising prints were manually done in past  decades. There might be very few web designers who are confident in this area because they feel that they “cannot draw”. Admittedly, not everyone can draw at par with real artists. But who says that web design hand-sketches need to be headed to the art museum?  Most of the hand-drawn sketches evident on personal web sites now show a merger of high technology and simple visual art. Everyone can sketch. A three-year old child can sketch!  This is idea is best used in personal web sites.

2. Big Headers and Logos is a trend that if incorporated in your website will make it more memorable to your visitors. Website laten maken den haag  A splash screen or page is so “yesterday” that more often than not, a hardcore internet user never stays long enough to get to the main page when a splash screen appears. Over sized headers and logos are trending.  Instead of clicking to get to the main page, a user just has to scroll down to view the main page.

3. The use of different typography is a new frontier. Typography is the art and the technique of arranging typeface (different fonts), arranging type, modifying glyphs and type designs.  Web designers are intimidated by the use of different fonts with varying sizes and boldness.  A complete symmetry and balance of a website is harder to achieve using typography but with the proper placement and design, a website design based on typography would be more interesting and more memorable to readers.

4. Over sized footers are cute and will contain more personal information than most regular websites. This footer will most likely include social media sites, feed updates, tweets and subscription feeds. Do not combine oversized headers with oversized footers.

5. Retro Designs are always in. What is great about Retro designs is the fact that anything that is more than 20 years old is “retro”. Getting into the groove of vintage art is not that hard. Do your research and choose the era that you prefer. This is so as not to have a hodgepodge of retro designs from several eras jammed into one website.

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